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Does Vessi™ Fermentor brew as well? 
No. Vessi® Fermentor helps you master fermentation, carbonation, and dispensing. In other words, everything after brewing.

Is it just for beer? 
No! The Vessi® unit can ferment & carbonate other things. In fact, we did a Syrah wine.

How well does it control temperature? 
Vessi® Fermentor keeps contents plus or minus two degrees Fahrenheit within the temperature you set. The unit utilizes a true compressor-based refrigeration system and has a built-in heating element, this isn't a wort chiller or glycol sleeve.

Can you Lager? 
Yes! You can drop or raise the temperature at any time during the fermentation process using the integrated temperature controls, perfect for lagering.

How do I sanitize it? 
Vessi® Fermentor works with standard, homebrewing equipment sanitization products. Check out our video on YouTube to learn more.

How big is the Vessi® Fermentor? 
About the size of a kegerator - counter height, counter depth, and 24 inches wide.

Can I put in my garage? 
Yes, depending on your garage. Vessi® Fermentor is designed to function (i.e. ferment and dispense) in ambient environments that are between 90 and 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

How much does it weigh? 
About 150 pounds.

Is "brewing" different than "fermentation"? Isn't it all brewing? 
We're glad you asked! Yes, they are different, and the two main parts of creating beer. Brewing the beer, also called brew day, is the process of creating the wort. Wort, simply put, is beer that hasn't fermented yet, so it contains no alcohol. Fermentation is the process of adding yeast to the wort in order to create alcohol.

Can I dry hop? 
Yes, you can dry hop in one of two ways: 

You can use a liquid extract or extract the oils from the hops via a French Press or the like. Pour into the liquid injections system, and insert via the three-way valve on the control panel. 

De-pressurize the unit by pulling the stem on the adjustable pressure relief valve. When the pressure reaches "0" on the pressure gauge, remove the lid and insert hops through the opening. Reseal the lid and send pressure through the liquid injection system to stir the fermented liquid and bring pressure back to the desired level.

How does the Sediment Removal System (SRS) work? 
Our patented SRS works by collecting, then releasing, small amounts of sediment at a time. The SRS collects about 7 ounces of whatever is in the bottom of the tank. During fermentation, that's the sediment. Turning the SRS handle forces the collected sediment out of the tank without releasing pressure. To remove all of the sediment, continue turning the handle until you get clear beer without the sediment. Because it releases only small amounts at a time, you don't risk pouring out significant amounts of beer along with the sediment. Check out our video on YouTube to learn more.

Does Vessi® Fermentor have a C02 system? 
Yes! Vessi™ Fermentor uses a standard 5lb C02 tank to pressurize the unit at any time using the three-way valve on the control panel. This system is most commonly used during the dosing process (turning the valve to the right), after dry hopping and to maintain pressure for serving.

Where can Vessi® Fermentor be shipped? 
We ship anywhere in the contiguous 48 states (excludes Alaska and Hawaii).

What is the voltage? 
110 volts.

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