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WWith BrewVide™ you can add precision heating, whirlpooling, and a pump to any existing setup in one simple, intuitive, and easy-to-clean device.

Actually Yes, I Do Still Love My Kettle.

Set it, and..

Say Goodbye to Scorch

Less Tinkering, More Drink(ering)


- Integrated temperature probe and digital controller for achieving and maintaining a specified bath temperature

- Connectivity to app for monitoring and control

- Sanitary magnetic pump that can create a whirlpool inside the kettle and can also be used to transfer wort from the kettle to a fermentor

- Dual electric heating elements that can quickly take room temperature water to mash/steep temperatures, and can then take that wort, once the grains are removed, to boiling.

- Low watt density of the elements avoids scorching

- Waterproof, temp-resistant enclosure, including power cord connection for a 120V cord/plug

- A perforated stainless steel  filter that encloses the heating elements and pump inlet so as to prevent pump clogging and excessive grain/hop matter from fouling the elements.

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