About Us

We believe that craft brewing has the ability to bring people together, inspire creativity, and add value to the world as a constructive hobby. Our mission is to grow interest in craft brewing by creating simplified, high quality and affordable products that make brewing a more fun, accessible and social experience. 

Our approach is one of simplification through technology. We believe that technology shouldn’t replace us, but make us better brewers by eliminating pain points and tedious tasks, while allowing us to make the critical decisions and “get our hands wet” in the process. 

We are a small independent team of passionate homebrewers, designers, and engineers, and while our roots are in the Midwest between Nebraska to Michigan, we acknowledge that we wouldn’t be here at all without you, our community. We strive to be as collaborative as possible with our customers, homebrewers, professional brewers, and industry partners as we bring our mission to life and continuously improve our products.