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    VessiĀ® Fermentor and Dispenser


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"Vessi flips the approach of the other automatic beer brewers we've seen. One of my issues with beer bots such as PicoBrew and Brewie is that by automating the first cooking stages, they end up compromising some of the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into brewing beer yourself."


How Vessi Stacks Up

Pressure & Temperature Control

Patented Sediment Removal System

Pressurized Liquid Injection System

Pitch to Pour in as little as 7 days

Go Beyond Beer

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We are currently collaborating with existing Vessi® owners, passionate homebrewers, and professional craft brewers. Together we are uncovering insights to evolve Vessi® and create new products that make brewing a more fun, accessible, and social experience. 

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About Us

80West Labs was created by a partnership between passionate homebrewers from KZValve and Prota Ventures. Located in the heart of the Midwest with offices in rural Nebraska and downtown Chicago, 80West Labs was named after the interstate that connects us.  Read More